Amal for Children a platform that brings hope to children impacted by traumatic events and toxic stress.








Digitales Media

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Client Overview

Digitales Media

Digitales is a digital content creation and animation company that delivers high quality digital content on numerous social media platforms. They aim to create creative, unique, and valuable content in Arabic.


Amal for Children Website – An online platform designed to guide children on a journey of wellness. Through the lessons of an animated series and complementary resources, children acquire valuable skills to navigate trauma and progress toward recovery.

Amal For Children seamlessly integrates an engaging animated series with supportive resources, offering a holistic approach to healing and support for both young viewers and mental health providers.

Project Brief

The goal was to create a dedicated website for “Amal for Children”, a film project that could host videos and resources on a subscription basis, serving as both a resource hub and a marketing platform to attract and engage clients.

Business Needs

To fulfill Digitales Media’s objectives for the Amal for Children project, the website must offer:


Exclusive Content Access: A secure, members-only area featuring videos, downloadable resources, and articles dedicated to subscribers.


Public Access Section: An openly accessible area that provides insights into the Amal project to engage and inform visitors, aiding in marketing efforts.


Subscription Management: Seamless mechanisms for individual users and corporations to purchase and manage subscriptions directly on the website.


Direct Communication: Integrated contact forms to facilitate easy communication between users and the Digitales Media team, enhancing customer support.


Content Management Flexibility: A robust content management system allowing the Digitales team to update and manage member content efficiently.


Language Accessibility: Full functionality in both Arabic and English to ensure the website caters effectively to its diverse audience.

Implementation Process

  • Discovery: Profound Online Marketing deeply understood Digitales Media’s mission and requirements through initial discussions.
  • Planning: The scope included robust subscription functionalities and bilingual support tailored to the client’s diverse audience.
  • Messaging and Content Development: Content was crafted to reflect Amal’s mission of aiding children’s mental health, emphasizing accessibility and engagement.

Design and Development

  • Wireframe and Visual Design: Designed to be intuitive and supportive, reflecting a friendly and reassuring aesthetic appropriate for the target audience.
  • Development: Incorporated advanced web functionalities to ensure a seamless user experience on various devices.
  • Launch: The site was launched with full functionality, including advanced SEO and analytics to track user engagement and site performance.

Clinical Approach and Impact

Amal’s therapeutic content is grounded in evidence-based clinical modalities like Narrative Exposure Therapy and Trauma-Focused CBT, tailored for children. This clinical foundation helps decrease PTSD symptoms in children, offering tools for resilience and healing. The website supports this mission by making these resources accessible globally, enhancing mental health awareness and providing coping skills for trauma through its engaging multimedia content.


The “Amal for Children” website successfully launched to high user acclaim, significantly enhancing user engagement and subscription rates. The platform effectively supports mental health education through multimedia content, contributing to broader awareness and support for child mental health issues.

Importance and Impact

The project is pivotal in promoting mental health awareness and providing therapeutic resources globally. Its significant impact on children’s lives underscores the power of media and technology in addressing complex social challenges. The bilingual site ensures wide accessibility, further extending its reach and impact.


This case study highlights the profound impact of combining innovative web development with a strong therapeutic mission. It showcases how digital tools can be effectively used to address global mental health challenges, making a significant difference in the lives of children around the world.